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A Bite-Size Mini Bagel Ball

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A New Take on a NYC Classic...Except the Calories!

Want to enjoy the taste of a New York City bagel without all the calories? Bagel Lites are Bite-Size mini bagel balls that are Just the Right Portion and a great Grab-and-Go option! 

Authentic NYC Kettle Boiled Mini Bagel Balls


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About Us

Bagel Lites are a New take on NYC classic! Bagel Lites are Bite-Size mini bagel balls that are just the right portion and a great Grab-and-Go option. Made with the finest ingredients. They are hand rolled, made in New York and Kosher certified to preserve that flavor everyone has grown to expect from a great Authentic New York City Bagel. Our unique Kettle boiled, cooling and direct fire baking process is the secret behind our delicious crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside mini bagel balls. It's a taste of New York City in every bite-size mini bagel ball!

Eating bagels are a staple of the everyday life of a busy New Yorker because they are convenient and a delicious meal on the go. But let's face it they can be big and loaded with calories. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, the owner a "MOM" from LIC, NY wanted to enjoy the taste of a bagel without all of the calories...Bagel Lites were designed with her family in mind. Now everyone can enjoy fresh baked Bagel Lites.

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