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A Bite-Size Mini Bagel Ball

NYC classic bagel flavors

Enjoy Our NYC Classic Flavors - They're just the right Portion! 

Get the taste of a New York City bagel with our lower calorie Bagel Lites. Our mini bagel balls come in a variety of flavors from classic New York flavors to our New and exciting flavors coming soon! Our Fresh baked Bagel Lites can be stored in your freezer until you're ready to pop them in the toaster for that fresh baked flavor every time. Try them as a sandwich, meal or snack. The choice is yours, so don't forget to have fun. It's like having a local bagel shop in the comfort of your own home...So, Get Creative!

Get Creative!

As you incorporate Bagel Lites into your diet, discover all of the interesting recipes and combinations you can create. Make your favorite sandwich with Bagel Lites instead, as a way to cut calories. Try our "Bistro Turkey Burger Recipe" as an alternative to traditional beef burgers on one of our NYC Classic Bagel Lites! Check back frequently for new flavors and simple recipes using ingredients such as: 

• Peanut Butter • Chicken Salad • Hummus • Cream Cheese • Salmon 

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